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ITALTANNERY PROJECT: the new challenge towards the sustainable tannery

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SUSTAINABILITY is the dogma with which every branch of industry must contend in the coming years. In terms of production processes, this means that growth will not be so much in increasing volumes, but in ensuring that every activity is carried out with a view to reducing any use of environmental, human or economic resources.

ITALTANNERY PROJECT is the response that a group of companies have given to the need of researching and developing technologies that will help the tannery of the future to be increasingly sustainable.

The MISSION of the project is to GUARANTEE ALWAYS BETTER PERFORMANCE TO THE TANNERY PROCESS, going into the details of each production phase, identifying its variables and dynamics with the aim of increasing and stabilising the quality of the leather at the end of each phase.

The new approach therefore necessarily needs to deal with topics such as data analysis and traceability, which are issues in which the founding partners have long since set up their own development by anticipating future market demands.

The definition of new standards to deal with, is one of the first steps of the project which, as a final goal, will develop a technology that will enable the production process to replicate the production results by reducing diversions and errors.

RESEARCH is the fundamental activity of the project. Research for which companies must confront by making their know-how available to provide tanneries with the best interconnected technological solutions. To analyse the solutions in practice, a special simulation laboratory equipped with the latest technology will be created and used.

ITALTANNERY PROJECT is a project that started with 6 founding brands but is also open to other companies that wish to participate, because it is not a product, but a new way of interpreting the development of tanning technology that, in order to grow as rapidly as sustainability requires, has the need for it to be shared by more and more players.

Each participant in the project will have to share the 8 values that are the pillars on which the founders agreed upon, and which are the basic rules to guarantee a uniform approach not only from a technological point of view, but also from an ethical and social point of view.

The VALUES are: Quality, Experience, Performance, Efficiency, Environment, Sustainability, Ethics, Profitability, values that, in addition to tracing traditional concepts, outline the way of interpreting the economy that, above all, SUSTAINABILITY requires and that must be the new vision with which to lead the tannery of the future.

Presentation of Italtannery Project at Simac Tanning Tech 2023, Milan.



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