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Italtannery invites you to Explore the Future of Tanning at Prossimapelle in Arzignano!

Dear colleagues and enthusiasts of the tanning industry,

It is with great excitement that we invite you to join us at the PROSSIMAPELLE event in Arzignano, where as Italtannery we will be present at stand 2. This is an unique opportunity to delve into the latest innovations, explore emerging trends, and connect with leaders in the tanning industry.

Thursday 30 November in Arzignano, ex Nuova Lapel: Save the Date!

We will meet on 30 November at the ex Nuova Lapel, in Arzignano, a place in the heart of the Veneto leather district that will be the stage for discussions and presentations, as well as an opportunity for technical discussions, but, above all, an opportunity to share our passion for sustainable and high-quality tanning.

Italtannery invites you to PROSSIMAPELLE Arzignano
Italtannery invites you to PROSSIMAPELLE Arzignano

Italtannery: At the Forefront of Innovation and Sustainability

Italtannery is proud to play a leading role in the introduction of innovative technologies and sustainable practices in the tanning process. At our booth, you will have the opportunity to explore with us the goals of the project, discover our initiatives and understand how we are committed to the future of the tanning industry.

The Future of Tanning at PROSSIMAPELLE in Arzignano: exclusive meetings and networking

The PROSSIMAPELLE event is not only a showcase for innovations, but also a place where valuable connections are forged. We invite all attendees to join us for networking sessions, where we can share ideas, discuss the latest industry trends and build relationships that will contribute to the advancement of the entire sector.

Stay Updated

Follow our blog and social media channels to receive real-time updates during the event and on the next steps of the project.

Thank you for being part of this journey

We appreciate your ongoing support. We are excited to share the latest news with you and to build together a sustainable and cutting-edge future in the tanning industry.

See you at PROSSIMAPELLE in Arzignano!

Il Team Italtannery

Italtannery project stand at the PROSSIMAPELLE 2023 event in Arzignano.
Italtannery project stand at the PROSSIMAPELLE 2023 event in Arzignano.



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